Trailsplus acknowledges the need to implement procedures to intercept the increasing spread of Coronavirus and understands the government’s requirement to avoid large social gatherings and its decision to ban outdoor gatherings over 500 people.

Trailsplus events are not large in number and are not confined to a restricted space, with participants and supporters moving through the event space in smaller waves. Our events are in wide open spaces with plenty of fresh air which makes the risk of infection very low. With added precautions to minimise risk, we believe our events can proceed without jeopardising efforts to halt this virus. Exercise in the open air is a great way to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with the threat of the virus.

While observing all state and federal government requirements and advice, and with the support of Parks Victoria, TRAILSPLUS EVENTS WILL PROCEED with the following precautions focusing on eliminating personal contact and invoking extreme hygiene practices:

  • Brimbank Park Running Festival registration has now been closed and capped at 300 competitors.
  • The schedule has been changed to reduce crowding and queuing at check-in, start and finish.
  • Event presentations will be held as soon as results are available for each event, to free people to disperse and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Chip start (your time starts as you cross the start line) will be implemented instead of gun start, to free runners to spread out even before the start line.
  • Volunteers will be briefed with safety precautions and will be issued with gloves and hand sanitiser.
  • Procedures have been implemented so that no personal contact is necessary throughout the event.
  • Extra hand washing stations will be provided.
  • Competitors are reminded to remain at home if they are feeling unwell or have been travelling outside of Australia.

More details are in the race brief document which will be available soon.

Trailsplus continues to focus on encouraging people to set healthy goals, and to support people in achieving those goals. A focus on mental health will be increasingly important at this time. Competitor, volunteer and supporter safety remains a top priority, and we will continue to monitor the advice of government and health experts. Trailsplus will endeavour to keep events open as long as it is safe to do so and while we can meet all official requirements.

National Geographic have provided this very informative site:

National Geographic – The Coronavirus Pandemic

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