The Race Brief documented will be emailed to all competitors during the week before the race. This will include any last minute changes. This may include information such as, but not restricted to:

changes to the course

changes to the aid station locations

latest weather details

updates to the list of mandatory equipment



All finishers receive a custom designed medal.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners each receive a trophy and a prize. However, the winner must be present to receive the prize. If you are a winner, we hope you can stay. Presentations will begin as soon as we have all winners for a race. If you are a winner and cannot stay, please let us know.

We hope everyone can stay and help us celebrate our winners, relax and enjoy the BBQ facilities, and possibly even receive some great spot prizes. 


The car park next to Henderson Picnic Area is large and has plenty of space. However, we must leave room for other park users. Please listen to carpark attendants and park carefully, in straight lines, without leaving too much space between vehicles. It is a dirt carpark with no bays marked, so please be sensible and respectful of others. There is an upper overflow carpark 100m away.


– Mobile Phone (required for 30k, 42k and 50k competitors)

– Water bottle or cup (no paper cups provided)

– Compression bandage (strongly recommended for 30k, 42k and 50k)

– Windproof/waterproof jacket (depending on weather conditions)

A good quality trail running shoe is recommended, however a quality road shoe with good grip should be sufficient. 

We require you to carry a water bottle or cup while you run. Water and sports drink are available at aid stations on the course (see the maps for locations). We DO NOT PROVIDE PAPER CUPS during our events, but you may purchase a collapsable silicone reusable cup during check-in.

Make sure you have warm clothes to wear once you cool down.


Respect other people

Our good reputation for keeping the trails clean is very important to us, and important for the future of this event. It is a privelege to be permitted to run so near to the water catchment areas. Please be careful to observe the following:

leave NO rubbish, including tabs off the top of gel packets

respect all other trail users, they have equal rights to it (do not startle people by charging up behind them – let them know you are coming & would like to pass, politely slow down and make room as you pass oncoming traffic)

follow all course markings so you do not stray into restricted water catchment areas

Be careful

Although the entire course is runnable, there are some very steep and technical sections. Please make sure you move at a controllable pace. Take extreme care when you start to descend from the towers at the top of Mt St Leonard. The first 1km is unstable, rocky and technical. SLOW DOWN HERE.

There are lots of undulating sections that require your full attention but, for the most part, the course is very runnable. I know you will enjoy it!

Caution – Road Section

A 1km section of Donelley’s Weir Rd is used as part of the course. Please give way to all vehicles and exercise caution on this section of the course.


The entire course will be well marked with directions. These consist of:

-signs with red arrows on white background at intersections

-flour arrows on the ground at intersections

-pink and yellow ribbons in trees at intervals along entire course


A place will be provided for you to leave your personal belongings.  Trailsplus IS NOT responsible for their safe keeping. Please do not leave valuables. Car keys may be left at check-in and collected from the timing tent.



The decision to stop a runner will be made by the race director after consultating with aid station operators, race sweeps and medical support personnel. All efforts will be made to allow a competitor to finish. Health and safety of competitors and respect for aid station volunteer time will be most important in the decision-making process. If a competitor is stopped, they will be transported by car to the finish. 


Music devices are permitted for this event but ear phones MUST BE REMOVED in the following circumstances

-when running on roads

-when approaching an aid station and while at the aid station

-when running on technical single trails

It is important to be able to hear instructions and it is polite to acknowledge aid station volunteers and listen to their encouraging comments.  It is also important to be able to hear other competitors coming up behind you on a section of single trail, and to hear their words of encouragement.


Please also read our terms and conditions. Information includes:

Obeying instructions


Knowing the course

Age requirements

Cut off times


iPads and other audio devices


Race Bibs

Payment options on the day

Personal belongings and valuables

Photos and videos



Refund Policy

Privacy Policy


Our Sponsors

We are proud of our sponsors and partners because we believe in their products. We are confident you will be satisfied as you check them out and support them. If you have a product that you would like to share with our running community, please contact us for a chat. We'd love to hear from you.