The Race Brief documented will be emailed to all competitors during the week before the race. This will include any last minute changes. This may include information such as, but not restricted to:

changes to the course

changes to the aid station locations

latest weather details

updates to the list of mandatory equipment



Trailsplus is dedicated to caring for our world by avoiding single use plastics and by managing our rubbish responsibly.  Please help us by ALWAYS placing your rubbish in a bin or taking it home with you. When available, please choose the right bin for your rubbish. In 2024 Trailsplus will provide special tubs for the new Container Deposit Scheme. Please help us by placing participating containers into the labelled tubs.  If you are part of a group that is benefitting from this scheme, please speak to us about how we can team with you.


Presentations will begin for each distance as soon as possible after 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are determined for that distance.

All finishers receive a custom designed medal.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners each receive a trophy and a prize. However, the winner must be present to receive the prize. If you are a winner and must leave before presentation, please let us know. Some people are pleasantly surprised to find they finished in a podium place, so check results before you leave – just in case!

Team results may be calculated late as team members may be participating in the longer distance events. These may be announced on social media or via email.


There are 3 carparks available within the park:

Carpark A – 200m from start

Carpark B – 500m from start

Carpark C – 900m from start

Follow the signs.

Please be respectful to and obey our volunteer car parking attendants. And please park considerately to maximise car parking availability for other competitors, supporters and park users.

Trailsplus suggests carpooling if possible as the carparks can become very busy with park visitors.


Please bring a water bottle or cup to carry while you run. Water and sports drink is available at several aid stations on the course. See the maps for locations. We do not provide paper cups during our events, but you may purchase a collapsable silicone reusable cup during check-in.

Trail shoes are not necessary. Road runners are perfectly fine for the urban park trails.

Make sure you have warm clothes to wear once you cool down.

Your belongings are your responsibility.


Aid stations are provided on course. They are not more than 5km apart.

Aid stations provide:


high energy foods (lollies, chips, chocolate, cake)


minimal first aid

Some aid stations provide sports drink.

Drop Bags for 42k and 50k competitors may be used at the Farm and the Start-Finish passthrough aid stations.  Boxes will be provided at registration.


Start-Finish = 5k, 21k, 26k

The Farm = 13k, 15k, 34k, 36k


Start-Finish = 8k, 13k, 29k, 34k

The Farm = 21k, 23k, 42k, 44k

An aid station is provided at the finish line, along with full first aid services. Please see our first aid personnel if you have an injury or are feeling unwell.


Please read our terms and conditions. Information includes:

Obeying instructions


Knowing the course

Age requirements

Cut off times


iPads and other audio devices


Race Bibs

Payment options on the day

Personal belongings and valuables

Photos and videos



Refund Policy

Privacy Policy



(Q) Can I set up my own shelter or marquee?

(A) No, marquees and structures require permits, and fees are payable.  Trailsplus pays for a permit that allows ONLY official Trailsplus marquees to be setup.


(Q) Will there be live results?

(A) Yes, a link will be provided from the Trailsplus website.


Our Sponsors

We are proud of our sponsors and partners because we believe in their products. We are confident you will be satisfied as you check them out and support them. If you have a product that you would like to share with our running community, please contact us for a chat. We'd love to hear from you.